Saturday, June 20, 2015


"It's officially the start of summer tomorrow! And it's Father's Day! Yeah!

Let's find out what the Taylor's have been up to these last two months! 

We began enjoying better weather after our very long winter!

I celebrated my first Mother's Day. Adam took the day off so we all hung out as a family! It was awesome!

Max took a second round of swim lessons.

Max became much more mobile. He's in to everything! 

Adam celebrated his 33rd birthday! We went to the New England Aquarium.

Most importantly, we've been going to the beach pretty regularly! I love it. Adam loves it. And Max loves it too! Max especially loves to eat sand.

And last but not least. My baby turned 11 months old! Boy does time fly! 

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Where to begin?!

The snow never stopped falling this winter! I think it's finally all melted. We are starting to have sunny days in the 60s, so spring is definitely on its way!!

Maxwell ate anything he could get his hands on! I'm most sad about the cute "Goodnight Rhode Island" book he was given and chewed up on the same day (see third photo).

Maxwell started swim lessons in March. He has two weeks left and then will start a second session of lessons. He's doing really well and is more confident in the water. He only cries when he has to give back his toy at the end of lessons. 

With Max's increased mobility comes more messes and more mischief. He's still isn't a real crawler. He drags his legs around in an "Army crawl" fashion. 

Somehow, Max turned 8 months old. He'll be 9 months in 2 days. He's so active now, he stayed still for two photos then had somewhere better to be. 

Max has graduated to the big tub. He was getting to big for the little plastic tub and since starting swim lessons, he likes water in all fashions. 

The older Maxwell gets, the more he enjoys looking at pictures and not just eating books. 

We had a fun Easter. Max dyed eggs. I only let him use yellow and orange dye, and yet his hands were still stained. He mostly sucked on the eggs and dropped most of them off of his tray on to the floor. Oh! Let's not forget, he tried to drink the dye! 

What Easter wouldn't be complete without an Easter basket! We filled Max's with toys, books and Gerber puffs (which he loves)! 

Obviously, Max has more going for himself than Adam and I. 

I did cut 9 inches off my hair. 

And I started a new job this week. I said goodbye to my hospice team of 3.5 years for new adventures. 

I'm now employed at Caregiver Homes. I no longer work with people at end of life. My clientele now are elderly and adults with developmental disabilities who require 24/7 care and opt to stay at home with a caregiver instead of going to a nursing home. I will be providing support and education to caregivers and clients. So, similar to hospice, but these folks won't die after one visit. 
I was sad to leave hospice, but this new job will give me more flexibility to be home more with Max. So far, it's been pretty good. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy (Belated) New Year!

Oh my! Where does the time go? Already February 14. So, here's the happenings of the Taylor family for 2015. 

Maxwell continues getting cuter and cuter!

He turned 6 months! At his check up which was technically at 6 months and 17 days he weighed 19 lbs 9 oz and was 28 inches long! He's definitely a big boy!

I celebrated my 31st birthday, but there are no photos of it. I honestly don't even remember what we did. I did get an iPad though! I'm moving on up in the world of technology!

It's been snowing and blizzarding to beat the band and I'm over it. As I write this it's snowing and dumping feet of snow on the ground. Ugh!
Somehow all the big storms hit when Adam is at work so he can't get home and ends up staying overnight at work (5 star hotel) for several nights. Then I get to dig us out with my landlord who is going to keel over from a heart attack in the process!

In other Max news, he's started liking solids despite what this photo looks like. Oh, and he also got a second cold a few weeks ago. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as the first!

Lastly, since Adam had to work for Valentine's Day, he bought me a super sweet present to make up for it! Just kidding, he bought it just because he loves me and wants to see me become an amazing pianist. Don't worry, I didn't get ready today because I didn't have to impress anyone. 

Here's hoping the better weather brings more fun!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Goodbye 2014

I figured I should round out the year with a blog post and catch everyone up on the latest and greatest of the Taylor family.

Where to begin? Honestly, not much has happened in our lives in the past 2 months.

Our friends, the Rich's decided to up and leave us for Connecticut and then had a cute baby girl. Maxwell got to hang out with his future bride for little bit.

We actually got to hang out as a family for a day or two over the past two month! With Adam and I having opposite work schedules, we never see each other more than a few hours per week. It sucks, but it's only temporary. Right?

We got a sweet deal on an artificial tree! Goodbye 4 foot Christmas tree you've served us well the last 6 years!

Adam taught Max how to play guitar. He's a natural. Naturally. 

We bought Max an exer-saucer. He loves it!

Since moving to Rhode Island I have heard nonstop from people to go see the lights at La Salette Shrine. We finally made it. It was packed and the traffic getting there was awful. Honestly, had I never seen the lights at Temple Square, the lights at the shrine would have been pretty cool. 
I said to Adam, "I guess no one can do a light display quite like the Mormon's". It's true. 

Maxwell turned 5 months old! He grew a few inches and gained a few pounds. He's now wearing size 9 months. His hair is growing in nicely and is looking more and more adorable everyday!

We started sleep training Max. He was doing so well! We were almost two weeks in, and then he go a cold and started teething. Needless to say, all of our sleepless, hard work nights went out the window. Once his cold is gone, we'll get back on the sleep training train. 

We celebrated Christmas! All of our dreams came true! Adam had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas day so I was sad having him gone. However, I did get 4 days off of work to spend with my little baby!

Last, we celebrated our 7 year anniversary! We spent the day as a family and that night Adam took me to a nice dinner at Gracie's. It was our first date since Max was born. It was a lovely day with my favorite guys!